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    [Rules] In-Character Rules

    RPS "In Character" Rules & Guidelines

    The following rules apply to all IC (in character) sections of RPS. Please keep in mind that additional rules may be noted within individual RPs (including but not limited to UCRPs, open world forums, etc.) as determined by the RP creator.

    1. Posts in IC RP Forums ought to be In Character. While OOC (Out of Character) communication is encouraged and sometimes necessary, please do not post OOC only posts in IC threads. If you need to engage in extended OOC communication, please feel free to use Private/Visitor Messaging on player's profiles, or look to see if an OOC Thread was made by the RP creator in the RPers Connection forum.
    2. Do not double post, unless: (1) your post exceeds the character limit, or (2) you are attempting to revive a dead thread after it has been inactive for an extended period (ie. 10 days, 2 weeks).
    3. Do not resurrect dead threads. A thread is considered "dead" after 30 days of inactivity. If you are interested in seeing if the dead thread may be relaunched, please contact the thread creator to see if it may be revived and/or recreated.
    4. Do not "God Mod" or engage in "Powergaming." This refers to when one forces an action upon another player's character, or controls another player's character without their permission (ie. auto-hitting another person's character, having another character move/say something that the player did not consent to, etc.). If you are unsure of what may be considered "god modding," please PM a staff member for clarification.
    5. Please avoid posting one-liners unless you are RPing in the Freshman Centre or within a UCRP thread whose creator dictates that one-liners are acceptable.
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    [Rules] In-Character Rules [Rules] In-Character Rules
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