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    Competitive Combat Rules Competitive Combat Rules
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    Competitive Combat Rules


    These rules apply to threads that are specifically geared towards combat, and do not apply to threads that are "Non-Combative". Although some threads may not be tagged as Non-Combative, please respect the nature of the thread and decide whether or not it is appropriate to enter with the intent to carry out combat.


    1. Describe setting.


    1. If your character does NOT have a character sheet or storyline thread, try and inform the other player of your character's weapons, armour and abilities.


    1. NARRATION - Your character, and ONLY your character is what you are narrating. You may not decide anyone else's motives, abilities, strength, etc. That is for them to establish through their sheets and posts.


    a. Character: If you forget to post weapons/armour and abilities in your character sheet, storyline or intro, you cannot use it any time later in the fight. This is to prevent people pulling out random surprise items that can give them an unfair advantage.

    b. Setting: You may only use objects as weapons/armour that would realistically appear in the settings provided.

    3. GOD MODDING - Not allowed. God Modding falls into different categories:

    a. Logic: You must fight within the bounds of realism and logic as it pertains to your character. This means that even though your character may possess "illogical" abilities such as magic or elemental powers, you must still operate within the bounds of what is realistic for YOUR character. For example, if bullets are coming at your lone horse whisperer from all sides, you will probably die, because even though you have horse whispering abilities, you do not have bullet melting abilities. On the flipside, be realistic with how many attacks your character can muster or how many weapons they can carry at once.

    b. Weaknesses: ALL CHARACTERS must possess weaknesses. Please avoid using overpowered characters, as you may be avoided, causing your RP experience to be boring.

    c. Knowledge: You cannot mix OOC and IC knowledge. If your character has no way of obtaining a piece of information, you cannot suddenly decide that he knows. You also cannot dictate whether or not another character has information if that person has logically explained how they obtained it.

    d. Autohits - No Auto-hits. You cannot force your attack to land/connect. The other party must fairly weigh the situation and if it is realistic and logical for the attack to land, will inform you accordingly. Conversely, if the other party finds a way to dodge the attack, it is their right to do so. While the staff will not decide or control what sorts of weapons or what levels of strength anyone's character wants to be, insta-kill attacks should not exist, as the receiving party has the right to decide if their character should take the hit and if not, can use the Conflict Resolution steps.

    4. ACTIVITY - You cannot abandon threads in hopes that the event will be considered to never have happened. What you participate in becomes canon. At best, you abandoning the combat thread will create a draw between characters. It is not against the rules to abandon a thread, but you do so at the expense of your character's reputation.

    5. TIMING - Please be considerate of how much time passes in your post. 30-60 seconds or 1-2 attacks is a good baseline, but if unsure, please discuss with other thread participants how much time can pass per post.

    - Conflict resolution should be carried out in orderly steps. If you have OOC conflict with someone, please follow:

    a. Message - PM the user and try to resolve it privately. Do NOT try and publicly humiliate anybody. It is against the site rules to spread accusations without proof, with an intent to damage reputation. Be mature and confront the person you have a problem with one-on-one. (This includes any problems you may have with staff. Approach directly and in a civil manner, without making a public drama.)

    b. Staff - If the situation cannot be resolved, contact an Administrator. Please include the issue, any evidence you may have if you are reporting something, along with records of your interaction. This Administrator will consult the other staff and all will agree on a resolution. Please note that this is the way staff works - one staff member will speak for all. Thus, there is no point in trying to win anyone over to your side. We will approach this in a mature manner.

    c. Rules - Staff members will come to a decision based on the rules of RPGC as a whole, and on the RPGC combat rules. We will communicate through PM and hopefully come to a resolution. Each complaint is dealt with on a case-by-case basis.

    d. Attitude - If it is not your desired outcome, please understand that the staff have reviewed everything as fairly as possible according to the written rules. We are sorry that it may offend you, but we strive to keep everything running fairly.

    e. What staff will NOT resolve -

    - Character races/breeds, appearances, etc. People are allowed to be as creative as they want to be.
    - Past conflicts. Your grudge, IC or OOC, is your own. We are only concerned with possible rule-breaking and clarification in the present.
    - Styles of writing. People have the right to write in whatever style they choose.
    - Callouts. Callouts have always been permitted in C/G and the old Arena.
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