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    Published on 12-29-2016 07:31 PM

    Hi, fellow users of RPS!

    We’re writing this announcement with some challenging news in mind. As staff, we have decided that the best approach is simply to be honest with all of you. We all think RPS is a very unique site on the web and that the community here is unlike any other RP site in terms of amazing quality writers and the staggering amount of history and legacy. The less fun side of this is that it costs money to keep the site running. So far we have had the site owner pay full amount for the site out of his own pocket, but this option is no longer viable.

    Yes, you guessed it, we need your help!

    In order to keep the site running, we will need $250 every month. If all our active users donated at least $10 a month, we’d definitely make it! Actually, we don’t like asking for money, as we believe the art this site produces is best when it is not based on a person’s financial background, which is why we don’t want to limit the site to a subscription deal. But we love the site and instead, we look to your charity in order to keep going!

    You can subscribe by going to http://rp-society.com/forum.php and scrolling down to the bottom, where there is a dropdown menu with the different price options!

    In the past we have had donations, but they are often one-off donations and we need something regular in order to pay the monthly server bill. Which is why we’re now launching a subscription plan for platinum membership! There will be three different levels, 10, 20, and 30 USD a month, with the most expensive one being the one with the most perks. The perks are meant as a ‘thank you’ for donating your hard-earned money to the site. The subscriber perks would be applicable as long as you stay a subscriber.

    The worst case scenario: If we don’t raise the funds needed before January 22nd, we will not be able to keep the forum as it is. If you become a subscriber, and we still don’t raise enough funds by the deadline, we will, of course, refund you your money, unless your Paypal payment states that you are okay with the donation not being refundable, in which case it will go into moving to the new forum. We will keep the domain name, but we will have to move to a cheaper forum provider with a lot less customization.

    Currently, we have a lot of fun ways to make our posts great, whether it be fancy fonts, adding music or graphics above a certain file-size. We would have the basics, but we feel that what makes RPS different from other site is the quality you guys bring to the site, and we can only hope that a move will not decrease the quality of writing. Additionally, the move will entail that all users move their own content manually as the current server size is far too big to host on a cheaper provider. Thankfully we do have a download as PDF option on threads, so we do encourage our users to start saving ASAP!

    So please, fellow RPers and those of you that can, make a subscription plan. We would like to point out that no money goes into the pockets of any staff member. All of it goes into saving the site. If we, by some miracle, raise more than $250 through subscriptions, the extra money will go into savings. We would be grateful for one-off donations as well but just to inform you all, one-off donations will only get us through January, and we will not be able to guarantee survival through the following months, so if we don’t raise our goal via subscription by the 22nd, all donations will be refunded unless your Paypal payment states that you are okay with the donation not being refundable.

    We would also like to apologize for having to do this. We don’t like asking for charity (unless Orrden is asking for eggnog donations...), but this is the time to band together as a community. We also have some exciting plans ahead if the site stays afloat! We love this site, and we as staff truly believe that there really is no site with as much RP quality and high-caliber collaborative content as this one. We have some authors that could end up landing publishing deals and absolutely none of us would be surprised! So let’s save our little haven!

    PERKS (Applied by the 25th of January if goal is met):

    1. 1-2 Title GIFS from selection (Animation option)
    2. Cute Animated Badge
    3. 200x250px Avatar

    1. 1-4 Title GIFS from selection (Animation option)
    2. Change Title Text Colour
    3. 2x Cute Animated Badges
    4. 200x300px Avatar

    1. 1-6 Title GIFS from selection (Animation option)
    2. Change Title Text Colour
    3. Change Title Font
    4. 3x Cute Animated Badges
    5. 200x350px Avatar

    Please contact Orrden by PM for any questions!
    by Published on 12-26-2016 08:48 PM


    Hi there, writer! Did that get your attention? What brought you to continue reading? Was it the all capital letters or the crazy, chaotic word usage? It was totally the sarcasm, wasn’t it? Well, whatever the reason behind you reading this was, studies show that if you’ve been engaged in reading this far… you’re in it to win it. So, congratulations and welcome to Pisces’ article on…


    You’ve done it! You have finally come up with the perfect story and now you want to get others to join on the adventure. Now you’re sitting at your computer/typewriter/desk with a quill in hand and you need to figure out ways to get others to share your vision, get enthusiastic about it and want to dive into it head first with you. But how? How can you make that opening post, that beginning, so amazing that people are practically knocking down your door to write with you? Here are some simple things you can do to bring the writers to you:

    STEP 1: Don’t overcomplicate it.
    Put the dictionary down, Maverick. You don’t need to keep putting in those five-syllable words every two sentences to make you sound smart. We know you can write; that’s why you’re here. But if people need a thesaurus to figure out what you’re saying then odds are they are going to walk away within reading the first paragraph. Those pretentious, billowy, voluptuous adjectives should be sprinkled on like, okay sprinkles, but not used as the main ingredient. Keep it simple and fun.

    STEP 2: Leave some mystery.
    Remember you are not Tolkien. You do not need to create five new races, six languages and twelve artfully drawn maps in your introduction.

    If you give readers too much to digest then they are not going to know where to start and, odds are, they won’t even bother. Leave some mystery behind the intro. Maybe they found a strange artifact and it suddenly glows and then… BAM… now what? The more wiggle room and potential say that writers could have within your story; the more likely they are to come and write with you.

    STEP 3: Try writing in a different POV.
    Giving a new perspective in an introduction is a neat way to open things up. First person views are rarely done, but seeing the world from the character’s eyes let’s readers get captivated right away. Third person views can let the reader experience environment and interpret emotions. Does anyone know the second POV? If you do… well… then write in it! (Plus, I’d like to see that. You know, for science.)

    STEP 4: Have a plan!

    Go into the story with an idea of where to go after everyone’s obligatory “Hi I’m here!” post. Nothing kills a story faster than the words: now what?
    Once you feel like you have a good crew and they are ready to go… then go! People hop in and out of threads all the time, but if you are like “The Little Engine that Could” and you keep chugging along then the writers will too. And, hey, it’s fine if it turns into only one or two writers! Sometimes those produce the best plots!

    STEP 5: Enjoy it. Have fun.
    If you’re not having it; then neither are your readers. People can sniff out boredom in writing like a bloodhound. RPers, like us, could kill a thread faster than Superman with kryptonite if they aren’t having fun. Writing here is supposed to be an escape from the reality and all the crap that goes with it. People want to write a post with characters and not a doctoral dissertation. So, loosen your tie, drink that Mountain Dew and roll with the writers.

    So there ya have it! Five simple steps for engaging readers in that critical, awe-inspiring, jaw dropping opening post and keeping writers writing with you. Now go out there young RP explorer! Make me proud!

    by Published on 11-05-2016 03:34 AM
    Article Preview

    Let me throw you a moment in time...

    So you’re sat down, ready to write the most badass of scenes to ever exist in any roleplay or story ever. You’ve got your characters, your plot and your setting. The most awesome of thoughts are about to explode from that sexy brain of yours! You
    by Published on 11-03-2016 04:56 PM
    Article Preview

    Creating a character is easy, right? That’s the first and most basic thing we all do - fill out a character sheet and slap it up. The GM asks for your character’s name, age, gender, and appearance, and that’s all anyone needs to know about them, right?

    For a simple story, the basics might be fine, but as you advance as a writer and start to tell tales that are more complex and character-driven, you’ll want to delve deeper into creating characters that really capture people’s thoughts and hearts. The more dynamic and realistic your characters, the more nuanced your story will be.

    Published on 07-08-2016 10:04 AM  Number of Views: 1171 

    Five Common Mistakes that Roleplayers Make

         Roleplayers are just like any other writers; we strive to improve ourselves, day in and day out; constantly wrack our brains for new, exciting materials; and, of course, we make mistakes. This article is about common mistakes that roleplayers make. We've all made them and maybe some of us still are: hopefully this article will give you the nudge you may need to break out of a loop.

    1. Saying 'Yes' when you shoulda said 'No'

         This one I'm sure we've all done. A friend comes to you with a great roleplay idea! They're excited and have it all planned